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Business Loans Calculator

Calculate the monthly and total repayments on a business loan with our handy business loan calculator

365 Finance: Cashflow loan calculator

See how repayments mirror your cashflow

£60,000 Up to £400,000
1 – 3 years


funding received


for every card transaction

goes to your account

16% = £16

goes to 365 finance

How our business funding can help you

Please note, our calculators are designed for indicative use only, to help business owners understand how our Merchant Cash Advance, a flexible type of business funding, works and compares to a traditional business loan.

The total amount repayable can also vary, depending on individual circumstances and terms.

A Merchant Cash Advance acts like a flexible business loan, and is ideal for businesses that processes payments through a card machine (PDQ) and/or online payment system. Benefits include:

  • 90% approval rate Approval within 24 hours
  • No interest rates, APRs or fixed payments
  • No security or business plans required
  • Flexible repayments based on a small percentage of your future debit & credit card sales

Bad credit score or poor credit history isn’t a barrier to receive funding Contact our customer services team on 0207 1000 365 to see if you are eligible or have further funding questions.

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