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Case studies

Hotels and B&Bs

Empowering thousands of UK hotel and B&B owners, our Rev&U™ cash advance offers flexible financial solutions.

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Hair & Beauty Salons

Our Rev&U™ cash advance is the key to unlocking flexible business finance for thousands of UK Hair and Beauty Salons.

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Garages and 
MOT Centres

With our Rev&U™ cash advance, we provide the means for countless Garages and MOT Centres to access versatile business finance.

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Countless Florists benefit from our Rev&U™ cash advance, gaining the flexibility they need for their businesses.

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Dry Cleaners

For Dry Cleaners, our Rev&U™ cash advance unlocks the potential for adaptable business funding.

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Our Rev&U™ cash advance enables Dentists to secure flexible business funding.

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