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Charting a Greener Future

Embracing Sustainability

At 365 finance we’re committed to environmental stewardship, positive social impact and sound governance.

Paris-aligned Net Zero Commitments:

Offset Carbon Footprint

Achieving carbon-offset assisted Net Zero by 2025

Reduced Emissions

Reducing our overall emissions by 50% by 2027

Net Zero

Achieving Net Zero with no more than 20% carbon-offset requirement by 2030

Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives

Charity Day

An employer-supported charity day for each employee to help local community organisations and charities

Mental Health Support

24-hour employer-supported mental health services

Renewable Energy

100% renewable electricity usage

Online Meeting Practices

To limit unnecessary travel, all meetings are held online where possible

Eco-Friendly Team Lunches

Friday team lunches: Reducing our ‘last mile’ delivery service emissions

Reusable Water Bottles

All team members are given Chillys (B Corp certified) reusable water bottles

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Bi-annual staff engagement surveys and quarterly Town Halls

Workplace Flexibilty

Flexible working policies

Inclusive Recruitment

Equal opportunity recruitment processes

Finance Academy

Explore our Finance Academy to understand all the financial acronyms and jargon, and take charge of your business’s financial success today!

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