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#SheLeads: Celebrating Trailblazing Women in Business

Team 365 finance

Written by Team 365 finance


Welcome to the #SheLeads campaign, presented by 365 Finance, a pioneering initiative inspired by the Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship. #SheLeads is a platform dedicated to empowering women in entrepreneurship, shedding light on the remarkable journey of successful female business owners who are redefining norms in their respective industries.

At the heart of the Rose Review is the goal to unlock the £250 billion of new value that could be added to the UK economy if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men. This groundbreaking 2023 review celebrates the remarkable progress made by female founders in the face of economic challenges.

In the last year alone, women responded to higher inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty by establishing over 150,000 new companies, more than twice the number seen in 2018 before the Rose Review was launched. The report emphasises the scale of founders’ ambitions and the range of initiatives in place to support their growth. Notably, all-female-led companies represented 20% of all businesses in the UK in 2022, up from 16% in 2018. The review is a testament to the tremendous potential and resilience of women-led businesses and the vital role they play in driving economic growth.

Building on the Rose Review’s findings, the #SheLeads campaign seeks to expand support for female entrepreneurs, creating a more inclusive and empowering entrepreneurial landscape. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing access and support for women to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the stories of trailblazing entrepreneurs Kathryn Strachan, Katie Cope, Karolina Ba, as well as co-founders Bridget Greenwood and Dr. Amber Ghaddar. Through engaging video interviews, we bring to you their inspiring narratives and valuable insights, highlighting their triumphs, challenges, and unwavering determination. Explore their experiences and be inspired to embark on your own entrepreneurial path.

Meet the Founders

Kathryn Strachan – Founder of Copy House

Kathryn’s journey from an unpaid intern to building a thriving team of 25 professionals at CopyHouse is a testament to her resilience and determination. Despite facing setbacks, Kathryn’s unwavering belief in her abilities allowed her to pivot her business during challenging times, guiding her company towards remarkable growth.

Katie Cope – CEO of Keppel Leopard Creative

Empowering female entrepreneurs through branding at Keppel Leopard Creative, Katie’s vision resonates with women striving to build authentic and impactful businesses. Her journey, marked by challenges such as pregnancy and the pandemic, showcases her tenacity and the importance of staying true to one’s identity in the entrepreneurial world.

Karolina Ba – Founder of THEENK TEA

Karolina’s venture, THEENK TEA, brings forth herbal adaptogenic and nootropic tea blends focused on enhancing mental well-being. Her story highlights the struggles of balancing personal and professional life, emphasising the necessity of self-care and finding a sustainable work-life equilibrium.

Bridget Greenwood and Dr. Amber Ghaddar – Co-Founders of The 200 Billion Club

Bridget and Amber’s joint initiative, The 200 BN Club, stands as a beacon of hope for female founders seeking investment and support. Their unwavering efforts to bridge the funding gap for female entrepreneurs showcase their dedication to creating a more equitable and inclusive business landscape.

Empowering Through Experience

Through their candid interviews, our featured entrepreneurs share invaluable insights and advice, emphasising the significance of self-belief, resilience, and the power of networking. Their journeys serve as an inspiration for women looking to embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors, reaffirming that with determination and the right support, any obstacle can be overcome.

Watch the full interviews with Kathryn, Katie, Karolina, Bridget, and Amber to gain firsthand insights into their entrepreneurial journeys, the challenges they faced, and the strategies that propelled them to success. Join us in celebrating their achievements and learn from their experiences.

Empower women to lead, innovate, and succeed. Share the #SheLeads campaign and be a catalyst for change in the entrepreneurial sphere. Together, let’s build a more inclusive and supportive ecosystem for the women shaping the future of business.

Join the conversation. Empower change. #SheLeads