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Rev&U™ vs Traditional Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans
One fixed fee for duration of the cash advance. No admin charges, interest or late fees. Interest based on loan duration. Admin and late fees applicable.
No fixed term with flexible repayment period depending on your sales. Fixed repayment period.
Flexible repayments tied to sales performance. Fixed repayments regardless of business performance.
No security required. In most cases security is required.
No business plan required. Business plan always required.
Approval within 24 hours. Approval normally takes weeks.
Funding is made within days. Funding usually takes weeks.

The Benefits of Rev&U™

Easy application process. It takes less than 5 minutes.

No interest
rates, APRs or fixed payments.

One all-inclusive cost. No hidden fees.

No security or business plan required.

Credit score isn’t a barrier to receive funding.

Relationship manager to assist with any queries.

Short repayment period (usually 5-10 months).

Simple automatic repayments process via transactions.

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