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Invoice Financing / Discounting

Flexible finance designed as an alternative to traditional bank loans.

What is Invoice Financing?

A business with customers who are invoiced is potentially eligible for invoice financing also known as factoring. This type of business funding relieves the pressure and uncertainty of unpredictable cashflow, as businesses are paid in a far quicker manner for completed invoiceable projects.

With invoice finance businesses can be confident of being paid in a timeous manner and are not bogged down with the administrative headaches surrounding unpaid bills and collections. With factoring cashflow concerns are alleviated as in many instances waiting for payment on terms of up to 90 days can put a business under financial pressure.

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Do I Qualify?

Qualification for our business cash advances is simple: Contact our customer services team to see if you are eligible.

In business for at least

12 months

Monthly credit and debit card turnover of at least


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365 Cash Advance: The flexible alternative to Invoice Financing

Businesses no longer have to wait for payment on outstanding invoices as lenders are willing to advance the outstanding amount minus an agreed percentage as a fee. In so doing businesses are paid on time for any work done or services rendered.

Different types of invoice financing exist, depending on how involved the lender is in the credit control and collections process.

Invoice Factoring – Cash advances for growth

Invoice Discounting is one type of financing and here the business owners will have to maintain its own checks and balances. The owner of the business will need to continue ensuring that customers pay their bills on time. Invoice discounting will require business owners to have in place or to set up a credit control department that is competent and experienced at collections and making sure customers pay bills within the agreed payment term structure.

Invoice Factoring is slightly different as with this type of advance the lender begins a direct relationship with the business’s client. The lender in this instance will technically become an outsourced credit control or collections department for the business, alleviating a lot of the administration associated with bill collection and allowing the business owner to focus on more crucial business responsibilities.

An Alternative to a Traditional Bank Loan

Finally, businesses can choose which invoices they would like to finance, in other words be more selective. This is known as spot factoring or selective invoice finance. This a more flexible approach to invoice financing as it does not impact on the total sum of business invoices. Spot factoring enables businesses to pick and choose when they would like to discount the invoices, and which invoices they would like to discount.

Much like a business cash advance, invoice financing is a fast-flexible alternative to the more common business loan. Both financing options provide for an easy application process and double-quick turn around and funding times. Due to the transparent nature of the product, in that both solutions are based on sales performance, the application is simple and straight forward with no requirement for a business plan to justify or support the lending.

A key difference between a merchant cash advance and invoice finance is the performance against which the advance is pinned. Invoice finance or factoring see a business advanced cash against existing invoices or sales. This would typically be business already in the system. A Business cash advance sees a business advanced cash against future credit and debit card sales with repayments mirroring the future performance of the business, so when business is slow repayments are less but when business is buoyant the advance will be repaid sooner.

A merchant cash advance program

Business cash advance providers do not offer credit control and back office services in the same way a factoring firm would, but instead collect the repayment directly from any transactions being processed through the customer’s credit and debit card terminal. This fee would be agreed in advance as a percentage of future card sales.

Both these funding solutions are flexible alternatives to the more mainstream business loan and reflect the dynamic nature of modern business and its highs and lows. Appreciating that sometime the hardest part of financing a business is jumping through application hoops both of these solutions offer simple fast approvals with little intrusion to the day to day running of the business.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

A merchant cash advance is an ideal type of no credit check loan. Instead of relying on your credit score, we assess your business’ recent debit and credit card transactions to determine affordability and produce a funding offer tailored for your business. Get in touch with our team today to receive a tailored quote. The loan application process is quick and easy, and we can give you a funding decision within 24 hours. There is no need for you to provide collateral or business plans, and we only conduct a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score. From this, we’re able to make a funding decision without running a hard check that will show on your credit report. Unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no interest rates or fixed monthly payments to worry about. Instead, repayments are taken from a small percentage of your future debit and credit card payments. We don’t require any APR as there is no fixed fee, just one all-inclusive cost that’s agreed on at the start, which never changes.


Women in Credit Awards - Employer of the Year 2023
Lending Awards - Alternative Lender of The Year 2022



Women in Credit Awards - Employer of the Year 2023
Lending Awards - Alternative Lender of The Year 2022


Repayments mirror the ups and downs of your business

A business processing £10,000/month in card sales can receive an unsecured cash loan of the same amount, with no interest rates or fixed terms. Repayments are automatic and based on a small percentage of monthly card sales.

Am I eligible for a Rev&U™ cash advance?

Has your business been trading for a minimum of 6 months?

Does your business’ monthly credit and debit card sales exceed £10,000?

How much capital does your business need?

Use our calculator and see how Rev&UTM could help your business.

£60,000 Up to £400,000
1 – 3 years


funding received


for every card transaction

goes to your account

16% = £16

goes to 365 finance

A simple and secure way to finance your business

in minutes

Complete the application form. It takes less than 5 minutes!

Relationship manager

Be allocated a relationship manager to assist with any queries.

Approval under 24h

A decision will be made under 24h.

Get your cash advance in days

Funding directly into your business bank account within days

    Having utilised the 365 Business Finance facility on several occasions I can only praise and recommend their services, Flutra has always been extremely helpful and professional when dealing with us. All in all highly recommended.

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Explore our Finance Academy to understand all the financial acronyms and jargon, and take charge of your business’s financial success today!

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Same Day Business Cash Advance

The flexible alternative to bank loans

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